You've Pleased Me

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You've Pleased Me

Post by Allison Paige on Sun Mar 23, 2014 12:29 am

The Assimite stood by the window and Allison observed the marks of their latest tryst were already fading from his body. She’d had other pets in the past but none of them had ever lasted long, this one however, he excelled and even revelled in the pain. His mind stood resolute against the fact no one else could see him. She’d found a jewel in this kindred. Her eyes flicked back down to the illuminated screen before her as she stroked a nail down one cheek, watching the stock market rise and fall in their usual patterns. It was tedious work but necessary, when the Prince would turn on her and they all eventually did she’d need resources to fall back upon. She hoped it wouldn’t be anytime soon however, she found she rather liked Melbourne and playing the part of its notorious Scourge. The way the kindred looked at her here sent little thrills of pleasure through her cold heart.

“Let’s go out.”

She tossed the laptop aside on the bed and looked one more to the Assimite who raised one brow languidly. He was becoming used to the demands of his now master, the only of their kind he stood in real shock and awe before. He moved fluidly and knelt by the bedside, taking one of her small feet into his hands and kissed the sole tenderly. “It can be dangerous out there, especially for you…” Her eyes flared dangerously, he knew what was coming next but did not move as her hand slapped his cheek and left a larger red mark then someone would expect from her tiny fingers.

“Don’t be silly.” She warned in a low tone. She slide to the edges of the bed and kissed his cheek sensually, her tiny plump lips working to lessen the sting she’d left moments ago with greedy experience. Her breath was cold as she whispered into his ear, “I have you to protect me, oh lover, oh slave of mine…” She skipped from the bed and went to the squat set of drawers to choose her attire. He knew she was right, at times he didn’t want too but he couldn’t help himself but to be her invisible guardian angel. He touched the stop her lips had been and shivered in perverse delight, it was lucky no one else could see him for surely they’d believe he was a paedophile the way he looked at her slim legs hungrily now. Oh, he loved her.

Her bonnet set neatly in place, her golden curls spilling luxuriously down her shoulders she turned to him once more and offered a smile. “Where is the Tremere?” When she got no answer but a shrug of his shoulders and the predictable glint of envy in his eyes she sighed, “Probably in the library again... oh well, he’ll learn his place soon enough.” The Assimite smiled, bitter-sweet and she took his large hand tenderly on his own small one. “Come on, let’s walk by the river. I know the stars reflecting on the water remind you of home.”
He pulled her close, crushing her whole delicate frame against his body in a hug which made her giggle. He stood, lifting her feet from the ground easily after all she weighed practically nothing. Her fingers stroked into his hair and without notice she kissed him deeply, wiggling her tiny tongue into his mouth to stroke his own. He held her, taking this moment of pleasure as his own but then the crushing anxiety returned and he clung to her, burying his face into her neck.

“I don’t deserve you...” he breathed against the nape of her neck, a pained whimper of defeat on his behalf. A wicked smile graced her now reddened lips as they strolled out into the night together. “You don’t deserve me,” she echoed back.
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