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The Anarchs:

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The Anarchs are a sect of vampires that exists both within and on the fringes of Camarilla society. Its members are interested in tearing down the social order upheld by the Camarilla, believing it to unfairly defend the interest and status of a select number of older Cainites at the expense of the greater majority. What it should be replaced with is a subject of heated debate, but in the end the Anarchs are united by their faith in a more equal system where power is distributed throughout the population and status dictated by merit, not social customs centuries old that have no place in modern thinking. In their eyes, the Camarilla is corrupt and out-dated while the Sabbat is monstrous and hypocritical. Yet the Anarchs' power remains comparitively small, and so the sect operates under the shadow of the Camarilla, hoping to transform it from within. While its members are often seen as naive, radical, or even dangerous, they exhibit a passion and vision for changing the world of the undead few groups can match.


In spite of the name, most Anarchs do not favour a free-for-all, dog-eat-dog, eye-for-an-eye style of ultimate freedom and zero government. Instead, they prefer to work towards establishing their own perfect form of government. Stereotypically, this is some sort of vampiric direct democracy, communism, or, sometimes, going back to feudalism, but each individual Anarch has their own idea of what makes the "best" kind of social contract.


Anarch organization is laughable. The "Movement" really has no in-sect control over itself than a group of wild animals. That said, this is precisely the reason why the Movement is so attractive to many vampires - while there are no vampires making sure that things get done, there are also no vampires pushing you to get those things done.

Anarchs tend to be gathered into gangs, following the leadership of a particular demogogue, respected soldier, or other person they believe is worthy of respect. Most of these leaders aren't very old; ironically, the oldest Anarchs refuse to take on a leadership role, holding that such practices makes them no better than a Camarilla Prince or Sabbat Archbishop. Anarchs prefer to lead by example than they do because of who their sire was, which Clan they're in, or any other silly posturing found among the Ventrue or Tremere. As such, these de facto leaders acquire followings of like-minded vampires, which means that each individual gang tends to be very loyal to the same ideals (if not to any given vampire).

Gang leaders or other vampires who have an impressive degree of power in the city take on the title of "baron", which was first used with the intent to mock the title of "Prince". There are many barons in the Anarch Free State, and their territories range up and down the west coast. The size of these territories is directly related to the amount of vampires who serve that region's baron. The surface reason for this is because more vampires need a larger herd of mortals to feed from, but really it's an excuse to cover the fact that the Anarchs only hold onto the territory that they can fight for. Spreading themselves too thinly means encroachment by rival gangs, so the borders of each barony are really fairly static. Only rarely will one baron fall and their territory be carved up by the most powerful surrounding gangs.


  • Brujah: The Brujah are the most visible of all Clans in the Anarch Movement - in fact, more than one neonate has made the mistake of thinking that the Brujah ARE the Anarch Movement. They are the sect's leaders and soldiers, fighting for the cause of freedom (or at least change) itself. There are few things that can stop a passionate Brujah demagogue, and their rhetoric is powerful enough to pull in more Kindred to fight for the cause (whatever that might be) every night.

  • Gangrel: Gangrel aren't members of the Anarch Movement for any political reason, usually. Instead, it's the Movement in practice that draws Gangrel who are sick of Camarilla Princes and Sabbat Bishops: the ideal and the practice of freedom attracts the Outlanders. No Anarch leader is going to tell a Gangrel when and where to show up, perform a favor, or go get themselves killed in some convoluted scheme - if one did, then all the other Anarchs would be at the uppity member's throat in the blink of an eye.

    Gangrel in the sect are the reason why Anarchs are seen as roving biker-gangs, never settling in one place and causing problems for the Masquerade all over the North American continent. (It seems that not many Old World Gangrel are Anarchs, or at least they're quiet about it.) Leather, if well-treated, is tough and lasts for quite a while; motorcycles are faster than travelling by foot, and no Gangrel has ever shirked from a little fun violence and mayhem, especially if it's at the expense of Clans like the Ventrue.

  • Malkavians: No rules, no judgments, and no risk of being hauled in by the Sheriff for breaching the Masquerade. There is quite a bit about the Anarch Movement that attracts Malkavians - assuming that they're coherent enough to realize they're in the sect. The truly degenerate migrate to the Sabbat, but those on the thin edge of total mental surrender spend their nights carousing with some of the wilder Anarch packs.

  • Nosferatu: It is rare to see a Nosferatu Anarch - then again, it's rare to see any Nosferatu that doesn't want to be seen. There are certainly a few agents of the Clan within Anarch communities, but whether or not they believe in the cause itself remains in question.

  • Ravnos: Non-Camarilla Clans are rare among the Anarchs, since the Movement exists under the "charity" of the Camarilla. The few Independents who care enough about politics to join the Movement are some of its most vocal supporters. Ravnos Anarchs use their native skills to the fullest, causing mayhem and anarchy in Camarilla cities, destabilizing the rule of the Prince and basically making unlife hell for any non-Anarch vampire. Though the Ravnos are not popular in any case, the Deceiver Anarchs are even less wanted.

  • Toreador: There is a probably a Toreador among the Anarchs somewhere. Some find a certain appeal in the clash of emotions and political fervor that define so many meetings among the rabble. Words like "avant-garde", "fresh", and "original" could be applied to the Anarchs, but the true believers tend to think that any Toreador joins the sect simply for the slick black leather and the excuse to "meet the little people".

  • Ventrue: Yes, there are such things as Ventrue Anarchs. They are rare and extremely bitter individuals, but they exist. Most are young childer who flee the attentions of their out-dated sires, and have managed to do so at the elder's indulgence. Most eventually capitulate and return to mainstream Camarilla society; their sires regard going Anarch as "just a phase". The few Ventrue who remain true to their ideals act as the go-getters of the sect. Just because a vampire is an Anarch doesn't mean Dominate is any less effective.

  • Caitiff: It comes as no surprise that a rather high number of Caitiff decide to join the the Anarch Movement. Though the elders of the Camarilla do not overtly divulge their distaste for the Clanless, the Caitiff know they are not exactly welcome in most Elysia. Those who are not desperate enough or depraved enough to join the Sabbat instead opt for the Anarchs, who, it must be said, largely enjoy the benefits of the Masquerade without having to kowtow to the prince. There are a few Anarchs who claim Caitiff status even though they may be confirmed members of one of the Thirteen Clans. They regard being Clanless as symbolic of rejecting allegiance to their sires and all the other claptrap promoted by "the Man".

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