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Soft Kitty

Post by The Ring Master on Thu May 02, 2013 6:02 am

"Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr..."

Of course this kitty wasn't as soft anymore; the fur of his mane had been splattered with little red dots of blood and his eyes were not as pretty as they’d once been, now permanently frozen open in shock and fear. Accidents happen in the circus through and the show must go on as they say. Polly doesn't look happy but then she’s looking so sullen these days, I’ll have to fix that soon. However to deal with the task at hand, disposing of dead kitty, off to the furnace with you!

“Crack the whip, don’t worry everyone, it was only rehearsal, tomorrow’s performance will be perfect… or else…”

She stood fluidly; the body of the homeless man she’d ‘hired’ to play the part of the lion slumped to the ground with a squish but she’d already mourned him and the night was young. She had things to do; mentally she went through her check list.

1. Find a new tightrope walker – the last one was too clumsy.
2. Talk to the newbies – Uhh, tedious but as an elder it was required.
3. Deliver circus invitation to the new Toreadors in town - maybe they had a sense of humour.
4. Visit Elysium – the Prince wants to talk to me about something important.
5. Newest item, get new lion – last one too squishy and naughty.

She removed her hat and passed it along with the whip to Polly to store away. “You know, now I think about it number 4 should probably be number 1 and number 1 would be better with number 5. That’s how we be efficient, Polly.”
“Uhm. What?”
“My name is Rachel.”
“Don’t be silly, you’re Polly of the many pockets. I've been around long enough to learn people’s real names even if they don’t know it themselves. Now come, Polly, to Elysium.”

Polly sighed and wondered why she’d been chosen to be this particular vampire’s ghoul. She motioned to the others to remove the poor man who’d died tonight, he’d been cast as a lion and been beaten to death when he couldn't follow orders, and went to follow the deranged, bouncing redhead from the auditorium. The Ring Master turned and waved as she slipped into the car, driving off as soon as Polly followed her in. Her nose was pressed to the window as she watched the buildings pass and the moonlit as it glinted off the dark waters of the river which ran through the city. Her expression hardened as the car pulled into the Crown Casino however, the childlike smirk faded and replaced by a calculating look she positively glided out from the vehicle and into the waiting elevator. She hated Elysium, positively and utterly, she had to be serious here – it was to be expected of her. She had a faint idea why she’d been summoned, the Malkavian population had grown somewhat over the years and with their primogen still MIA not DOA as others suspected order was becoming harder to control. She’d heard the murmurings that the Prince was going to elect another to the position and as she was currently the eldest of her clan in the city she’d be an obvious choice to replace her clever comrade. She never had any burning desire for power but still, she couldn't help but wonder what the other stiff necks, 'sorry primogen', would make of it all. She was no one’s puppet and kindred didn't particularly like that.

As she was instantly granted audience in the meeting and sat before the existing council she weighed up those who’d support her, if the time ever called for it. The Nosferatu primogen, naturally, she liked his kind more than anyone else. There was always a member of his clan at any of her performances, they appreciated the circus and its form of art in a way oddly the Toreador never could. The Gangrals were next simply because they had no alliance to anyone else. Then there was the rest, all polite smiles but backstabbing words. The Prince leaned forward and so did she, two came play this game. She offered a bright smile and looked at each one of them in turn, 'don’t underestimate a Malkavian'..

“How can I be of service to the primogen council this evening, my Prince?”
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